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One of the main goals of the 21st Century China Program is to build a community-minded program that fosters intelligent discussions about China and the U.S.-China relations. We achieve this goal through public lectures, conferences, community salons, and other forms of cooperation with community organizations in San Diego and beyond.

We are now proud to add the China Focus blog as the program’s new initiative to engage students, scholars, visitors and community members in an active discourse about China and the changing dynamics of its relationship with the outside world. We embark on this endeavor in partnership with the namesake China Focus student organization at IR/PS. Our students’ talent and knowledge will be on full display here in the blog pages.

Congratulations, China Focus! May the new blog bring China closer to us and bring new knowledge about China to the world.

–Dr. Lei Guang, Director of the 21st Century China Program


To all our readers: welcome! We are incredibly excited to bring you China Focus. We hope this blog will serve both as a resource for the curious and as a bridge between the many communities and individuals who are passionate about China.

As Dr. Susan Shirk writes in the featured interview, IR/PS is blessed with exceptional resources relating to the study of China. At China Focus, we tap into those resources and share the results with everyone who is passionate about China.  The impact of China’s politics and economics upon its relations with the U.S. and others cannot be overstated, but is often misunderstood. For this reason, we’ve designed China Focus to include some unique features, such as analyses of Chinese-language news sources and interviews with cutting-edge scholars.

We’ve got big plans for China Focus. It’s our hope that this blog will not only enrich and inform those who are interested in China, but also connect many diverse perspectives and contributors. If you’re interested in contributing in any manner, please contact us! For now, we hope you enjoy exploring China Focus as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

–GJ Flannery, Editor-in-Chief of China Focus


Together we can build a community for all who have a passion for China. (Photo credit: Kenneth Mei)

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GJ Flannery

is the co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of China Focus. GJ graduated from GPS in 2014 with an MPIA International Management and regional focus on China. He graduated undergrad from Boston College's Honors Program with degrees in international studies and theology. At GPS, GJ served as the director of finance for Export Access Global Consulting and the co-director of the Environmental Policy and Business Forum. His research interests include the geopolitics of energy in the Asia-Pacific and China's economic and environmental opportunities and challenges. GJ's work experience includes the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu, the New South Wales Conservation Council in Sydney, and adaptiveARC, a San Diego startup focusing on waste-to-energy technology.

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