About Us

China Focus is the student publication of the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS). We aim to provide the context and originality needed for an informed discussion on China and its global impact.

We will be prioritizing submissions from GPS and UCSD students/alumni, but we will consider exceptional polished pieces from other sources as well!


What We’re Looking For


Our current theme is China in the World, and we particularly welcome topics related to China’s bilateral relations with countries besides the U.S. Some of our weekly articles also cover Chinese current events. 

Submissions should be original articles of around 800-1200 words in length. Pieces should properly cite references in a consistent format, preferably including links. If we select your article for publication, you will be asked to provide a short bio and headshot for an author’s box. 



Writing with us is a great opportunity to be published online and build up your writing sample portfolio. You could also slim down your course paper or research project to get your idea shared with more readers. This is a good chance to get your name out there and gain experience you can talk about in interviews or put on your resume.


Next Steps

If you have any ideas for articles please reach out to us at chinafocus@ucsd.edu and we can talk it out! If you’re interested in writing and not sure where to start, we also have ideas.

Rachel Lietzow, China Focus Editor in Chief
Qiao Ye, China Focus Digital Media Manager


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