Witness to Transformation: China Edition

Professor Stephan Haggard at IR/PS

Stephan Haggard, IR/PS Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies, and Marcus Noland,  Senior Fellow at the  Peterson Institute for International Economics, jointly run the North Korea: Witness to Transformation blog.  They produce an incredible amount of informative and nuanced analysis on North Korea’s regional, political, and economic influence.  Unsurprisingly, China appears in this conversation from time to time, so we want to keep our dear readers up to date on China’s role in and around the Korean Peninsula by highlighting pertinent posts.

This week, Professor Haggard reviewed a recent paper by Brad Roberts, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense on Nuclear and Missile Policy (not to be confused with the drummer in the satirical heavy metal band GWAR), discussing extended deterrence and strategic stability in Northeast Asia. Hopefully, we will be interviewing Dr. Roberts in a few weeks, so we don’t want to give away too much now, but we encourage you to read the paper and Prof. Haggard’s two posts on it.

Professor Haggard also reported on a recent story published by the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shinbun, exposing an alleged oil deal between North Korea and Iran that has a Chinese state-owned oil company caught in the middle. There is a twist at the end, so make sure you check out his “Slave to the Blog: Axis of Evil Edition” post.

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Maeve Whelan-Wuest

is the Co-Founder and External Relations Director of China Focus. Originally from Chicago, she received her B.A. in Geography and Chinese from Middlebury College in Vermont. Her research at IR/PS is focused on Northeast Asian security issues, particularly China's role in shaping nonproliferation and nuclear security policies on the Korean peninsula. She is also the President of the China Focus student organization, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Policy Solutions, and Co-Founder and Finance Director of IR/PS Women Going Global.

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